Born and raised in Southampton, Molly earned her Master’s degree in Special Education from Bay Path College where she also studied Behavioral Analysis. After receiving her degree, she led a classroom for children with significant disabilities in Pittsfield before discovering her passion for real estate while going through the process of purchasing her first home. 

She has always viewed “home” as a place of safety and security, and works hard every day to make that a reality for potential clients. Molly’s knack for interior design brings to life your future of comfort, stability, and style! She takes pleasure in learning the ins and outs of home design, and enjoys being able to create a space where a family can truly feel at ease. 

When Molly isn’t making homeownership dreams come true, she loves spending time with her family. She has a wonderful husband, Jake, and together they are raising five children: Michael, Andrew, Peter, Alice, and Timothy. The family also has an adored German Shepherd named Keisar. Molly is pleased to know that her children will have the chance to grow up in the same friendly town where she spent her own childhood. Molly loves where she lives and will do everything she can to ensure that you love where you live, too!